On 13th June 2016 at 10 a.m. at the premises of conference hall of Transcarpathia Regional State Administration the seminar “Monitoring and implementation of development planning of Zakarpattia oblast and adaptation of Ukrainian city planning legislation to the EU standards ”will take place. The main objective of the seminar [...]
              On  June 3, 2016 the first meeting of the expert group, created in the framework of the project “Zipping and Innovating the Development Planning of the Cross-Border SK-UA territory” , was held in the office of ARD “Transcarpathia”. The meeting was attended by Ukrainian external and internal project experts [...]
                       On April 15, 2016 the representatives of ARD “Transcarpathia” took part in regional workshop “LAND USE PLANNING NOVADAYS: good bases and incentive for successful economic and social development”. The workshop took place in the premises of Transcarpathian State Regional Administration, Uzhhorod. Aim of the workshop: Improve the [...]
Overall objective of establishment of the Enterprise is to support local authorities, non-governmental organizations and business structures in implementation of programmes and proper projects directed to sustainable socio-economic development of the region, its separate parts and sectors of the national economy.
development and implementation of regional development program as well as specific sectorial and territorial projects;  contributing to advanced training of specialists in regional development and project managers of organizations; contributing to integration processes through establishing and strengthening direct contacts with organizations and authorities of Ukraine, EU member-states, candidate countries and leading structures of the EU; [...]